Books, books, books; but is one a ‘blook?’

Update- no, one of them isn’t a blook!

Update 2- the review of Walt’s book is here.

Walt Crawford has just issued his book Balanced libraries: thoughts on continuity and change, available from Lulu. It looks like an interesting synthesis of Walt’s writing in Cites and Insights, and chimes with a lot of my views on librarianship. I’ll post a full review when I’ve read it- as a PoD book coming from America, it’ll be a couple of weeks before I get it.

There are several other books on libraries and librarianship out soon.

Facet (CILIP’s publishing arm) have Librarianship: The complete introduction by Gobinda Chowdhury, Paul F Burton, David McMenemy and Alan Poulter due out in September; and The public library by David McMenemy. I shall probably buy a copy of Librarianship and look to borrow a copy of McMenemy’s book.

It’s good to see a wide range of books on basic issues in libraries. It’s fun to read blogs and follow the to’s and fro’s of such an immediate medium, but it’s also good to sit and follow a sustained argument.

I’ll also be ordering some stuff from Chandos it seems.


4 Responses to Books, books, books; but is one a ‘blook?’

  1. Well, no, it’s not a blook. About one-third of the text comes from various blog and list posts. Most of it’s new commentary and synthesis, in some cases augmented with (print) columns or articles that were appropriate. Very little of it originated in my blog.

    “It’s fun to read blogs and follow the to’s and fro’s of such an immediate medium, but it’s also good to sit and follow a sustained argument.”

    I agree…which is why I decided to try this form. My fifteenth book, and (technically) my second self-published one. I look forward to the review (positive or negative!).

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks for the comment Walt. And for the clarification 😉 As a commentary on blog postings I can see it’s not a blook per se. By the way, why do we need a term like blook? You don’t have ‘columnook’ for books born out of newspaper columns.

  3. “We” need “blook” like we need a lot of other cute neologisms. Which is to say, not at all. Lulu itself finds the term useful because of its Blooker Awards, a cute take on the Booker Awards (my book won’t be eligible, I presume). You’re right–there are no columnooks and no articooks (but there are lots of books that are just collections of published articles). Nor are collections of previously published short stories called storooks…

  4. Pete says:

    Language needs to evolve, but sometimes the mutants must not succeed 😉 All books start as something else- be it back-of-a-cigarette-packet scribblings. I guess this is another way of using (*not* leveraging) web 2.0 for marketing purposes.

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