Not just buying in but mixing things up

Just read a piece on ‘remixability’ at Maisson Bisson, flagged up at Tame the Web.

Is this part of our future remit? Not just books but the option to make books/videos etc? Not just data to get you places but data to help you make places? Not just services, but the option to make new services?

And how can one plan for the unimagined? I guess the answer would be by building in openness and flexibility from the beginning- open APIs and the like. Certainly this seems to be the argument advanced by Talis; make systems and their data open to reuse. Let go control of your data (where privacy allows) and allow people to make use of it. If you let them come, they will build it…

And what is done with the results? Where, if anywhere, is the ownership? Perhaps the point is that ‘ownership’ rests with the creators and the users of such community oriented resources as library mashups. Creators will always have the ‘moral right’ over their creations, but ownership in its broadest sense will be closer to a group custodianship.


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