Dipping my toes into bookreading 2.0

I don’t have a connection at home, which in a lot of ways is a nice thing 😉 So I do my testing and browsing here at work.

I thought I’d have a look at LibraryThing, Shelfari and Revish, specifically at what they tell me about The Book Thief. (Shelfari link; LibraryThing link)

My notes tell me I thought the following:-

LibraryThing is good for general reviews. I’m never sure on the recommendation side of things, based as they are on what people have read- as opposed to similarities in titles/subjects. In this regard,the cataloguing information is useful, pointing to subject links etc. As for tags, they can be useful once you’ve filtered out the superpersonal stuff.

Shelfari is okay, but I didn’t like the look and feel side. Not so intuitive, and the layout is not to my taste.

If I did have the net at home I might be tempted to LibraryThing some of my books; as it is it’s somewhat impractical to do it from work.

Revish only has one review, but it was quite a good one.

I can see how having a wide range of reviews, however varied in quality they may be, is very useful and will use LT and Revish in this way. The ability to link to LT records will also be of use as one way to get user tags into catalogues.


2 Responses to Dipping my toes into bookreading 2.0

  1. Fred says:

    Don’t forget Goodreads.com, whatsonmybookshelf.com, anoobi.com, etc

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks Fred, I’ll give them a shot.

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