Professional (?) associations

Once again, Tim Coates sets his sights on CILIP, second only to the MLA in his rogues gallery. Essentially, Coates wants both to be abolished and the money channeled into books and frontline staff.

How can you object to this? If you do, surely that ranges you against your customers?

I can see the point in a radical streamlining of CILIP. The offices need to be moved somewhere cheaper. The Gazette can be usefully made web only; heck, Update could for most members.

CILIP could function as a standards body, overseeing training (ACLIP, MCLIP etc) and promoting good service across libraries.

Other functions- organising training, lobbying, conferences- could be taken up by sectoral associations a la School Library Association. CILIP would help to co-ordinate their work, so as to avoid total fragmentation.

CILIP is not responsible for running public libraries, indeed any libraries, but some people have the impression that they are. CILIP needs to clearly state what they do and why. Few question the role of the BMA, RCN etc; but then this is all tied up with librarianship not being a profession.

And there’s the heart of it. Run well, and focused, CILIP would make clear the value of trained librarians committed to personal and professional development; they would argue that subs are an investment as much as any training is.

They could reduce those subs, true 😉

And then there’s professional associations 2.0…


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