On space, and words

Meatspace. What a horrible word. Simultaneously ugly, judgemental and smug. A word redolent of all our age-old fears of being physical, of seeing it as a limitation.

I know people who use it don’t necessarily espouse these points. Nevertheless, it’s a word I really dislike.


4 Responses to On space, and words

  1. You’re not the only one, and thanks for pointing out why it’s such an awful word.

  2. Pete says:

    It’s bothered me for a while. It’s a mark of our Gnostic times…

  3. Michael says:

    What about Meatbag as a term of endearment for humans, used by robots? Bender and HK-47 are influential proponents of the term.

    I have used “meatself” before, but only in a non-serious, bandwagon-jumping way. There’s an argument that language can only survive if it moves forward through neologism…

  4. Pete says:

    Yeah, but it’s a rubbish argument 😉
    Neologisms should respond to need, and there’s no need for ‘meatspace.’ Until we’re all picting a la Greg Bear, we don’t have cyberselves in a meaningful enough way. Mortality trumps all 😉
    The existing is named, the new should get the neologism.

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