More miscellaneity

Weinberger sees Wikipedia’s Neutral Point of View as being reached via the happy to and fro of consensus seekers. When an article is stable, it has achieved NPOV nirvana.

Now this view has been discussed elsewhere, and I had the same feeling. Doesn’t a stable page have as much chance of reflecting the absence of certain views; the ‘interested and able to contribute’ have done their bit, but there are interested and can’t contribute people, people who have an interest but don’t contribute to such things…

Also, the notion that we are in an age of ‘understanding’ and meaning creation, as opposed to the knowledge project of the past. But in that past, we have seen Romanticism, the Evangelical Awakenings and the rise of socialism and fascism to name but some; all projects about meaning, connection and going beyond ‘knowledge.’ How did they do all that without the web? 😉


5 Responses to More miscellaneity

  1. magia3e says:

    They did it slowly.

    With the web we can do it quickly, across continents, without war (althouh I hear the Danish language version of wikipedia did come close)


  2. magia3e says:

    … and ‘happy to and fro’?

    Pete! You need to read more about the psycholoy of the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’! If you don’t like this approach then surely you need to question the very fundamentals of democracy at work.


  3. Pete says:

    Oh I know about the wisdom of crowds 😉 I’ve not read a lot on it, I admit, but it seems to me that crowds bought us Nazism, the gulag etc. as well as democracy.
    Deomcracy does not depend on crowd psychology, or consensus building through discussion. Rather it rests on the acceptance of faction, difference and the vote as a way of managing them.
    Crowd psychology, it seems to me, is not the panacea it is held up as. Though I stand hopefully to be corrected.

  4. magia3e says:

    …I feel another blog post coming on

  5. Pete says:

    Haha well. I’m ready to learn 😉 Or at least be challenged.
    Tis a long time since my International Politics degree…

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