Conwy closures… and improvements

Private Eye reports that Conwy is to close six libraries, whilst improving several others. See here and here for the story.

What is interesting is that this is a result of a full public consultation. Now I don’t know how many people were asked, but the results were clear:-

People wanted more emphasis given to IT, more zoning of library areas for particular uses, services aimed at particular groups, more staff support to be available and libraries to be open for longer and at more convenient times.

Pretty much what Libri-Laser etc were saying, except no mention of more books. Perhaps that is assumed by ‘the public,’ I don’t know.

Now whether the zoning etc needs 6 libraries to close to release funds I don’t know. Conwy say they’ll consult over that part of the process too, and provide a mobile service in areas where libraries close.

Time will tell as to whether this makes for better libraries. What is encouraging is the fact of public consultation and the planning for support of communities where libraries close.

I take an interest in this story as people I know live in the area. Their library is one of the ones listed for improvement.


3 Responses to Conwy closures… and improvements

  1. We’ve had some good news in Scotland too: This story tells how four libraries in Fife that were to be closed under the previous Labour-run council are now likely to be saved from closure. They are small local libraries, but clearly their importance in the community has now been recognised. And there we were believing the doom-mongers 😉

  2. Pete says:

    Hehe well. The doom-sayers would say that it’s their words that led to the change 😉 But yes, good news is out there.

  3. Pete says:

    Some of course are saying it (Conwy) isn’t good news, and we need to watch this story carefully.

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