Umbrella plan

Following Michael’s lead, here’s my outline plan for Umbrella:-


12-1.30 pm LIRG cttee meeting

2 pm Lynne Brindley plenary session

3 pm Coffee and swag exhibition visit

3.30 pm IT governance, Sheila Corrall

4.45-6.15 pm Exhibition opening party

7.30 pm Pub!


8.30 am Breakfast briefing (possibly)

9.30 am Teachers and trainers, Helen Conroy

Break for exhibition viewing and a breather

12 pm LIRG AGM

2.30 pm  Alex Byrne plenary session

4pm Exploiting VLEs

Evening- De Havilland dinner


9 am The future of e-learning, Ann Hemming (possibly)

10.30 am The big divide, Moira Brent & Sophie Brettell

12 pm Leslie Burger plenary session

1 pm Lunch, home!

Much depends on if informal meetings pop up etc.


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