Conwy follow-up

Christopher Draper is the contact for the Conwy Library Action Group; see The Library Campaign.

 As I noted in my earlier post, this process seems to rest on public consultation. It is what ‘the public’ want, apparently. I have asked a local to comment on the process, and have also been in touch with Christopher for his perspective. I will report back on what they have to say.

Update-my local contact was unaware of the fuss…

Christopher kindly called me back. From his perspective, the consultation was a ‘smokescreen’ and the council just want to sell off the land released by the library closures. He reiterated his point that spending in Conwy is too staff heavy, and that letting some ‘library managers’ go and cutting council expense claims is one way of reducing that bill and freeing up money for the threatened libraries. He also has the support of Assembly Members.

Now, closing libraries is one way of saving money for sure. But is it the best way? Could money not be saved on, oh, councillors’ expenses and offices? 😉

The council assures people that the money saved on closing six libraries will be put into improving services and fabric at the remaining six. We will see.


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