Hillingdon- the official line

The press release is here. No mention of Tim Coates’ role; maybe he’s shy.

Starbucks are a ‘partner’ it seems. Cosy word. What if they decide the partnership isn’t worth it? Or start making demands?

And staff resources will be ‘reorganised’ to extend opening hours it seems. “Reorganised” is an interesting choice of words. Outreach will more than likely be cancelled to put people on desks, which seems like a good thing, but is a very one-dimensional approach; when saving so much money elsewhere you’d think some could be spent on part-time staff. But no.

Looking at reports from 2006, the library service was doing well; visits had been increased, as had public satisfaction. You might have got the impression that libraries are currently poor in Hillingdon.

A view of libraries and librarians is being put into work here as much as a plan to ‘improve services.’

This will be watched with interest.


4 Responses to Hillingdon- the official line

  1. Miriam Palfrey says:

    Have you been given any information as to why the outreach being cancelled hasn’t been revealed?

    If cancelled projects were unsuccessful and/or are being met by other means one would have thought that there would be no need for secrecy.

    By setting up (relatively expensive) coffee shops and stopping outreach work to certain sections of the community the council whould seem to be sending out a message about who they want to use their library service ranther than actually finding out what is needed.

  2. Pete says:

    Nothing you won’t have heard Miriam.

    As far as people are concerned, outreach will continue. It may in some attenuated form. We will see.

    The coffee shops are a ‘partner’ so are self-funded, but in no way accessible to all. And the coffee is cack.

  3. Miriam Palfrey says:

    So how much space are these “partners” taking from shelfspace then?

    Do self-funded “partners” pay for rent for the space they use?

    I heard a rumor today that I can’t repeat in public, but if it’s true then I seriously worry about the future of the library service in Hillingdon.

  4. Pete says:

    The financial details are probably commercially protected.
    There will be various size ‘outlets’, though whether they take up shelf space remains to be seen. There is more money for books it seems…owing to renegotiation of the contract with their supplier.
    We will see.

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