Library 2.0 ness

Interesting comments on the “Library 2.0 Manifesto” over at the Annoyed Librarian.

Seems like 2.0 isn’t a settled issue. And I agree with a lot of what the AL says on this point. Edit:  though I maintain my commitment to the middle ground. The Manifesto encapsulates some worthwhile ideas, just in a worthy way.

Any library manifesto should boil down to ‘I will listen to all users and using my judgement and experience seek to serve them as best as I can, within the law and the budget; recognising that I cannot make them all happy, nor do everything I want, nor abdicate my repsonsibility in the name of user-centred service.’


3 Responses to Library 2.0 ness

  1. clarihunt says:

    More comments on this “manifesto” at on a similar vein.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I felt the same reading her post, though it sometimes depresses me when I agree with her too much. As a realist prone to cynicism, the comment about cheerleading in particular struck a nerve. So many librarians (more so in the US I admit) are unbearably peppy and enthusiastic and quite frankly deluded about how exciting our profession is, and their perception that we should all be breaking our necks trying to keep up with them is just annoying. I appreciate AL’s honesty/sarcasm.

  3. Pete says:

    Well yes. AL can be a bit one note, but here she was mainly right.

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