A few thoughts

Some things I plan to come back to after the Bank holiday weekend:-

  • Hillingdon: how significant is the use of ‘ ‘ around qualified, as in ‘qualified’ librarians?
  • Hillingdon: and since when was a library a retail centre?
  • Hillingdon: why couldn’t a local coffee shop have been given the opportunity? Why go for the sanctimonious milk peddlers?
  • Hillingdon: it’s all about books and frontline issue/return services. Oh and coffee. Are libraries just nice buildings with books and a cafe? Isn’t that what Waterstones was some time ago, and that model isn’t working for them? What about the other roles and value of libraries? 
  • Librarians: why do so many hate the job they do? Why do so many piss on their own chips? Why so little promotion of the value staff can add?
  • Community involvement: how do people like John Pateman suggest this will work? And why do they seem to think that there is a tyranny of librarians which the ‘community’ are too meek to complain about? Come to it, who are the ‘community’?
  • Community involvement: does the SACRE model offer a way forward?

2 Responses to A few thoughts

  1. Miriam Palfrey says:

    Did you make a comment about Hillingdon on TC’s Blog? I swear I read one and now it’s gone… maybe it’s my mind that’s gone.

  2. Pete says:

    No, you’re right. It was there and now it’s gone. In his defense I know why, it’s not evil censorship 🙂

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