The middling sort

Walt Crawford returns to the issue of being in the middle, and quotes your author quite extensively.

This has led me to think a little more on this. In a previous life I studied religion, and in the course of that considered the issue of belief continua and balancing extremes.

One group I looked at went beyond the continuum I was studying, asserting that such an approach held them back and led only to argument and weakening of the cause. Better, they said, to move beyond the opposites and go for a truly holistic approach.

Perhaps this is closer to what I’m looking for. A new perspective where it’s not about holding the middle but rejecting the opposites and looking for a better synthesis.

A true user centredness, based on asking not observing and extrapolating; on confidence in what we do and offer; on caring about all users, not ‘the user’ we identfiy with; on a human approach, for want of a better word.


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