This is the end

Well, my portfolio is pretty much done. It’ll be sent off soon.

This blog was started as part of the chartership process. Now it is nearly at an end, I think it’s time to put an end to the blog. I have said all I want to say on the issues I have covered.

As a summary:-

  • Above all libraries are places for a purpose, and care should be taken not to shoehorn in anything and everything.
  • Public libraries represent a commitment to openness, to reading, to learning and increasingly to access to materials online. They are a place to make connections, with what you read and the place in which you read and the people you share the space with
  • Whilst public libraries are about books and reading, that is not the end. It should be the beginning and a guide, but not the only thing. Access to expertise, to community information, to groups- all should be part of a public library’s services. Otherwise public libraries fail to deliver their full potential.
  • Public libraries are a vital part of communities, and as such should not be subject to  cuts or closures unless absolutely necessary, and the case needs to be made publicly and subject to debate
  • Efficiencies are important and to be sought where possible. However, they should not impact on the overall service
  • Enterprise is to be encouraged, as are strategic partnerships. The involvement of private money is not in itself a problem, but where possible it  should come from local groups and firms, to strengthen ties to the community
  • Qualified librarians are still important. Specialist librarians, covering particular areas in public libraries add to the delivery of services and so should be kept. Workflows can be altered to enable them to deliver more frontline work as well as specialised services
  • The routes to qualification should be expanded and courses made more relevant to sector needs where possible
  • Right now, good bookstocks and welcoming spaces are the key to building use. Where possible, the use of emerging technologies should be used to complement these services- see the Dublin City Public Library pageflakes as an example. A well run service can deliver exciting bookstocks, inspiring events and value adding web services
  • Times change. People change. So services also need to change- but incrementally, based on need. It’s getting easier to ‘just do it,’ but we should always have a good reason why.

This is not necessarily an end to me blogging, but should I return to it I’ll have a different focus. It is  certainly not an end to me reading and commenting on other blogs. 

“Library Too” has served its purpose. Thanks to all for reading and commenting.

Note: inspired by this post at Slow Reading.


4 Responses to This is the end

  1. Tom says:

    It’s a shame this is coming to an end. I do hope you let me know if you do set up a weblog somewhere else, either via this RSS feed or an email. I may not be a great chartership fan, but I wish you all the best in it and hope it serves you well! Tom

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks Tom. I think John Midiema is right in highlighting the value of a ‘lifespan’ for a blog. This blog was linked to chartership and has served that purpose well.
    Chartership isn’t ideal and could do with a real overhaul, but it’s been helpful for all that. I shall see if it does help in any way.

  3. John says:

    Hi Pete, I’ve been following your blog the past while with interest. I’m starting to worry about that post of mine, though it sounds like you have thought through your reasons. One good reason for ending a blog is to clear the way for starting another one with a different focus. Drop an email or comment at Slow Reading if you startup again. Best regards, John

  4. Katharine says:

    Congrats on finishing the dreaded portfolio!
    I hope all goes well for you now you are going to be a “real” librarian. And I hope you get everythign you wanted from the Chartership process.
    Lots of luck!


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