That survey to do it!

July 31, 2007

You have more than likely read a blog that has flagged up Meredith Farkas’ survey of librarians who blog. But in case you didn’t, here’s a link to the survey.


Never mind the joy, feel my brain; or Harry Potter

July 23, 2007

Huzzah for some sense in this matter. If I read one more snarky ‘look at how clever I am’ post about Harry Potter I shall have to write that ‘you are all idiots’ post that bubbles up at such moments.

For a lot of people, enjoying a book is not enough. You must also validate lit crit with your choices.

For the record I have not read HP nor am I a fan. Edit– no she’ s not a great writer; yes they are quite derivative stories (find one which isn’t;) yes, some people may get ‘stuck’ at Harry Potter. So what? Most people will read them as part of a ‘balanced diet.’

I am tired of the pretentious, tedious and frankly dim attacks on it. It’s like everyone is channeling some weird mix of Bloom and Pullman, which is no good thing.

The Open Library

July 17, 2007

Can you help?

For one, can you effect major changes in copyright law, reader habits and data structures 😉 I’m guessing they will aim at public domain works first, and function more as a one stop search for library holdings rather than as a full-on full-text digital library.

Seriously, good luck to them. Anything which honestly just wants to make books more accessible is a good thing. (note: not a Good Thing, which is an entirely different concept.)

The end of public libraries?

July 17, 2007

Freepint reports one person’s poor experience of London PLs. They go on to ask why we can’t just dissolve the PLs and ‘get our taxes back,’ though no use for the freed up money is specified. Perhaps it could be part put with some PFI money to half-build a hospital or school which then turns out to be dreadful and a burden on taxpayers for years to come 😉

Seriously, why have a tax funded PL system? The respondent seems to suggest that private libraries will naturally and necessarily be better. Now I have never used a private library. I am sure they are great. But we should never assume that private = good. Look at the ‘private’ railways- still heavily subsidised with public money. And we have all had poor customer service experiences in private businesses. I once left a bookshop without what I wanted because the assistant misspelled the author’s name- this was pointed out to me after I had left the shop.

PLs should certainly offer good customer service, but we should not assume that the examples of poor service reported are typical- any more than my experience in the book shop is.

What is needed is a basic look at what PLs are for. They are not (pace the Freepint post) there to enable people to run a small business, although they can contribute to it. With respect to the issues of bookstock, change and what libraries are for (as discussed by Tim Coates with respect to Hampshire,) libraries still are about books and access to them. They need to change over time, this is true, to make the investment worth while- not simply to keep librarians in jobs as Mr Coates says, but to make sure that the service is seen as worthwhile. But any change needs to be rooted in what people want from the library service, not in what services councils think libraries should have stuffed into them.

Where are the public librarians in all this? Not the officers, not the councillors, but the staff? Where is their voice?

More Umbrella reports

July 13, 2007

Kudos to Michael for getting his Umbrella report published in the Gazette. The current edition features reports and comments on the conference. Good to see a range of views.

New Unshelved book out!

July 13, 2007

The fifth collection, Read Responsibly, is available to order.

I’ve already placed my order 🙂

Please note: I’m just a huge fan of theirs. I get no money from plugging their work.

MCLIP…e pluribus unum

July 10, 2007

From many piles of evidence to one…

Still a few more things to add and the statement to tidy up. But the end is in sight 🙂

Edit It took me 5 months after this to actually get it in shape and sent! /Edit